I am a house divided.
divided time, divided heart, divided mind
I house a hundred potentials
a tug and pull of 
left or right
ийшээ тийшээ 
여기 거기 
this tongue 
or that place
that love
or this faith
help myself 
or help everyone else?
In the wake of my disunion
lies a morbid trail
of unfinished, unforgotten pursuits:
ghosts in wooden shoes
trod behind me
clambering for resurgence 
crying for rebirth.
I'm unable to assemble
all the contradictions 
into a Frankenstein 
of human ingenuity.
But if I forsake insanity
and toss them all away
there remains one thing:
to know You,
and in it, measureless gain.

make it your every ambition therefore
to live a quiet life before the Lord.


Foobobble the Absurd said...

Keren: This is really good! Very evocative. I like the theme and the images. I don't know about the ghosts in wooden shoes though. When I think ghosts in wooden shoes I think clumsy ghosts, and when I think clumsy ghosts I think comical ghosts. And I don't know if you were going for comical. But I don't think it detracts from the whole and I get the idea. Well done.

K-ren said...

Thanks Jordan! I couldn't decide between iron shoes and wooden shoes. I wanted to makes them loud ghosts, just in the act of walking behind me... and iron seemed to slow them down too much... and wooden seemed to make them dutch. Which I don't mind the ghosts being dutch. But when I thought about the clammer that a lot of wooden shoes would make, it seemed right. I can live with comical ghosts, because after all the things I've pursued have never been that serious, so these ghosts could be equally as trivial...as long as they're loud. Thanks for the constructive feedback! I'll think through it a few more times.

David Gregg said...

I really like this Keren

David Gregg said...

Especially the opening lines.

"I am a house divided. / divided time, divided heart, divided mind / I house a hundred potentials"

K-ren said...

Thanks David, those three lines were stuck in my head for a few days, then I decided to write the rest. :)