What I Thought When She Said No

My love is home for her dear soul.
And if in other homes she lies?
It's hers in truth — no less than whole.
The 'giving to' is most the prize.

Love is innately giving free,
and thus it does not need to take.
I can love her as does he,
and wait for what high loves can make.

Never filled in present time,
future will know truer love.
When in ages hence sublime,
we will know the truth thereof.

But, for now, we must grow hot:
to love, as flame does what is not;
to burn, for that is what it does;
for love consumes what evil was.


K-ren said...

I was about to write something akin to this topic. It starts: I saw a monster in the grocery store today, it was carrying a baby and wearing a ring.
I'm glad you wrote this before I wrote that. Well done!

David Gregg said...

This leaves me wondering whether the monster was there for the groceries or there for the baby -- either way, I assume it was there for the food.