dictionary/chronology of jessee family pets

angel (gender unknown) - transparent angel fish. survived life outside the tank for 30 minutes once. died of old age.
bonnie (f) - first family animal in memory. black cat. wife of clyde (see below)
blackie (m) - outdoor cat. neighbor labelled him as the reason for her cat scratch fever.
chip (m) - albino hamster, adopted from classroom in 5th grade, died of cotton overdose
clyde (m) - husband of bonnie. calico.
duncan (m) - italian greyhound. excellent sprinter. sprinted into a cadillac.
edward cullen (m) - hamster that step-brother inherited from guidance counselor. mysteriously disappeared.
fanny (f) - pregnant hamster purchased to replace chip (see above). died during childbirth one day after adoption.
goldie (gender unknown) - goldfish
hawn (gender unknown) - goldfish
hercules (m) - red beta fish, trained to kill with the mighty skills of a samurai warrier
max (m) - neglected golden retriever
mr. tweet (m) - yellow parakeet. died of asphyxiation when brother smuggled him into school in his backpack.
mya (f) - indoor longhair cat. once locked in pantry for 8 hours, ate the cinnamon. died of feline leukemia.
starlight (f) - blue parakeet. died of cat attack (see also: zeus)
sugar (f) - white miniature pomeranian. purchased because she is easier to walk than max.
zeus (m) - white siamese. absolute very best cat ever.

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