Dictionary of Things that Can Kill You

Aluminum Foil... no wait, Alzheimer's isn't death

Bread with that one stuff in it.

Chinese toys (but only if you lick them)



Disappearing honey bees

Fluoride toothpaste

The Government

Inescapable Pits (this one is relative to the skills set of the person in the pit)

Isopropyl alcohol

Life (eventual conclusions count)

Meth labs


Modern medicine

Murder (for both parties)

Neal's ideas

Non-paper-filtered coffee: french press, gold filter, etc...

Non-stick pans ... what does that cause? death?

Oil Companies

Oxygen (unless you eat exactly the same amount of 100% dark chocolate as oxygen breathed--I've done the math. Then you'll live forever.. unless something else kills you.. like Death.)

Paper-filtered coffee (probably)

Public gyms --- wait, Mersa isn't death either...

Plastic wrap, plastic Tupperware, plastic disposable anythings

Reading this blog

Refined sugar doused in gasoline...so like, all refined sugar

A sense of euphoria

Sleeping on ledges

Smelling concrete--and liking it.

Smelling gasoline--and liking it.

Ultrasounds (actually.. this should be in the sequel : Dictionary of Things that Can Kill Your Baby)

X-rays (after your 3rd)

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