The Memory of a Morning

a memory I lay out before me:

of sunlight slant
and bedroom morning air
accenting the syllables
of manifold beauties pronounced

oh how the delicate turnings
of phrase in a face's form
may suggest, may evince
untellable loveliest things
of the fount of the woman who spoke!

I read her all and studied with care
the execution! the eloquence!
well-said! well-said! I honored her motion
her rhyme
and pleased to so bring in the day

but alas! our days have nights
and our springs their inverdant winters
that we might love the days and springs the more
that by our missing we might gain them
better next we met

thus duty called her forth from our new home
and I sought shortly with intent
with gifts to bid my fluent darling part

but time withheld its favor from my design
and winter's night came harsh and early
to the sound of crashing worlds

and there stood I for a moment
slack-jawed and bloodless
with a flower and a banana in my hand


K-ren said...

Hizah!! THIS suits you more David. Do something new, not something done! This hits the mark square on!

David Gregg said...

i've been wondered just how obvious the end of the story is... how do you interpret the story?

K-ren said...

okay, first of all... you've got to work on your English! haha. ;)

so this is what I think... she's leaving for a trip, and he goes to get a goodbye gift for her, a flower and some potassium, great choice. And comes out to see her get in an accident?? And he's standing in the road now??

Hmm... actually I'm not sure. What's the story? :D

David Gregg said...

That's it. I was thinking she was heading for work, but that doesn't matter. Cool. I didn't want the big event at the end to be too nebulous.

K-ren said...

ah hah. I was thinking that couldn't be right, because it seemed a little too melodramatic for you. Also, I was thinking I might have been influenced in my answer by all the Korean dramas I watch. Ha! But for what it is, I like it.

Crystal said...

ok i love the language! was this the banana story? lol!

David Gregg said...

Yep! This is the banana story.