Pop Song Sonnet

This post deserves an explanation. The challenge this week was to write an 80s pop song----in the format of a Shakespearan or Spencerian Sonnet.

Stay True to Your Fool

I've got your number and I've got your song
I'll sing it out until you hit the wall
oh every single second you were wrong
and every single lie was ten feet tall

[robots dancing]

But if you try to break my heart I'll call
and break you in a thousand pieces too
so rip my heart and watch the tear drops fall
and pray that there's some tape lyin' next to you

[skinned chickens flying]

so if you want the maddness see it through
just love yourself enough to be so cruel
I'm hanging up the line and towel too
cause baby I've found out that you're a fool

Just try to run and try to hide your heart
but baby this ain't it, it's just the start.


Crystal said...

HAHAHA this is so awesome! I can't believe I'm just now reading it. What should our next assignment be? Have you posted Twitter Head yet?

K-ren said...

Twitter Head formatting will take a WHILE.... coming to a post near you Dec 2012....


Next assignment......