The Tweet Life

1:49pm my lunch isn't settling good.
Neither is mine. That's why I'm sitting at this coffee shop sipping chai tea. I've been reading his tweets, watching him pace on the sidewalk outside with his hands in his pockets. His page refreshed.
1:50pm where is she?
I was so close I could see him blink. I realized I was staring at him. How did he update his page? I didn't see him pull out a phone or laptop. His face was crumpled in an awkward snarl. He walked to the snowflake decal on the window and picked at it with a fingernail.
1:51pm it's frickin freezing out here. if she forgot me i'll be pissed. maybe i should go inside.
I exhaled over my warm cup. He was inches away from me on the other side of the window. I focused on my computer screen and furrowed my brow intently. I picked up my purse and rifled through it, sneaking a peek at him while he read the posted hours on the storefront.
1:52pm yeah, i'll just step in for a second.
The door opened with a gust of cold air. His wool coat swirled around his waist with the incoming breeze and he raked his hands through his hair. I could smell his shampoo, almonds.
1:53pm hello there!
We made eye contact. Was he talking to me? Hi. I'd buy you a cup if you'd just sit next to me. He walked past my table and approached the cashier to order.
1:54pm coffee or dessert? i only have six bucks on me. maybe a milkshake.
I heard him order a frozen mocha, even though I knew he was cold. He should have ordered something warmer.
1:54pm wait, i should have gotten something warm. maybe i can change my order. mocha, hot.
The cashier gave him a rude look when he asked to change his drink. I smiled. She isn't really upset. Just smile at her, you'll win her over.
I studied him as he waited for his drink, glancing over his shoulder at the rest of the shop. Do you want to sit down?
1:55pm there aren't any open seats. would she let me sit at her table?
I moved my purse out of the open chair and picked up my coat, putting it in my lap. Maybe he'd come over if he saw there was room.
1:55pm i could just ask. do you have room for someone else? she looks busy on that computer.
No! I'm not busy.

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